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This August, we are spotlighting Ackerson Rentals as our Business of the Month! This Business is located in Charles City, Iowa. We were able to talk to, Stacy Ackerson, to find out a little bit more about this wonderful business and share it with our visitors.
  1.  When did your business open? November 2016
  2.  What led you to starting your business? Is there a good story behind how it happened? When my wife purchased the old train station for her insurance company we were looking to do something out back with the property. It so happened there were footings already in the ground so building rental units seemed to be a natural choice for us.
  3.  What does your business offer? Long term or short term, depending on your need, storage rentals. The units are 11×21 feet with a cement floor, roll up garage door which you secure with your own lock.
  4.  Why do you enjoy serving Charles City, IA? It seemed the community needed more rental units as the ones available were pretty much all full. So far the experience has been a positive one.
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