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Black Sheep Coffee Baa

This September, we are spotlighing Black Sheep Coffee Baa as our Business of the Month! This local coffee shop just opened its doors on August 24 and is located in Greene, Iowa. We were able to talk to the owner, Connie Debner, to find out a little bit more about her business and share it with our visitors. Make sure to go check out Black Sheep Coffee Baa for some delicious coffee and food!
  1.  When will your business be open? Are you planning a grand opening event? We opened our doors on Monday, August 24th. We will be scheduling a grand opening in September.
  2.  What led you to starting your business? Is there a good story behind how it happened? How did you come up with the name? I have always loved food service and when the previous owner, who knew that, determined that she was not able to continue running the business she offered it to me. It will be a great place for our teenage daughter to learn and socialize, and it is also the realization of a dream for me. We were trying to come up with something unique and relevant to our family for a name. My husband raises sheep and black ones always stand out from the rest. Also, it is symbolic of second chances, a real theme in my life, personally!
  3.  What will you offer at the coffee shop? We will serve top of the line, locally roasted coffee, various coffee-house drinks, fresh baked items, Hansen’s Dairy ice cream, and light/healthy breakfast and lunch items on a limited basis.
  4.  Why do you enjoy serving Greene, IA? Greene is full of the most amazing people. Each one has a story and it is going to be amazing to be in a position to hear many of those on a daily basis.
Stop by Black Sheep Coffe Baa as soon as you can!

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