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PAWS Humane Society

  1.  What year did PAWS Humane Society begin? PAWS Humane Society originated in 2000. Former city clerk, Jody Meyer and Jim Thompson proposed starting a no-kill animal shelter to the city council to have a humane alternative for stray dogs and cats picked up by the police department and animal control. Prior to PAWS, stray animals were held for 7 days and then euthanized.
  2.  When did you become involved with PAWS? I first came to the shelter in 2002 to adopt a cat named “Mac” (his feeding spot was the McDonald’s dumpster). I immediately began volunteering cleaning dog cages, later that year I served on the Board of Directors and eventually was in the role of managing the shelter. Saving & helping animals is something that goes back to my childhood. I feel very fortunate to every day do what I love and to be the voice for animals in need.
  3.  What are the hardest challenges doing animal shelter work? For me personally, the hardest thing is knowing we can’t save/rescue every animal in need. We accept all strays within the city limits brought in by Animal Control & CCPD but I receive daily calls of animals outside Charles City and we simply can not help them all. There are so many litters of kittens born outside. I wish cat owners would spay/neuter and keep their cats inside. There are so many dogs within Charles City chained outside every day with little or no human contact.
  4.  What are the biggest rewards volunteering at PAWS? Helping animals who come in scared and alone get the shelter, food, veterinary care & love they need is very rewarding. Being a part of finding a loving home is even better. Getting updates and pictures from adopters years later is amazing.
  5. What are you most proud of? The quality of our veterinary care by the vets at Avenue of the Saints. That we’ve remained a no-kill shelter since we started. And I’m most proud of our volunteers who are so giving of their time & hearts.
Adoption Hours: Sat. 11am-2pm, Sun. 1-4pm & During week by appointment

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