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Stewart Realty Company

We are spotlighting Stewart Realty Company as our Business of the Month. This Charles City local business opened its doors a few years ago and is located in the heart of its community! We were able to talk to the owner, Dean Stewart, to find out a little bit about them and we are excited to share it with our visitors.
  1.  When did your business open? Stewart Realty Company opened for business in the Fall of 1987 as a one man real estate office. Larry R. Stewart was the owner/Broker at that time. Dean A. Stewart, present Owner/Broker purchased the firm in 2008.
  2.  What led you to starting your business? Is there a good story behind how it happened? As the son of a real estate broker, I always had interest in the real estate business. While in Junior High School I started cleaning, painting and maintaining real estate properties and continued that throughout my college years. While at the University of Northern Iowa I received a BA in Business Finance and a Minor in Geography anticipating that I too would start a real estate career. I joined the firm in 1988 and have been brokering real estate ever since.
  3.  What does your business offer? Stewart Realty Company offers professional real estate brokerage services in the areas of residential, commercial, agricultural, development property and leasing.
  4.  Why do you enjoy serving Charles City, IA? Charles City and Northeast Iowa is a fantastic place to live work and play. AT Stewart Realty Company we believe the more you give the more you get back and we consider it a privilege to be a part of such a healthy and dynamic area. I’m very proud of the agents and staff at Stewart Realty not only in terms of their hard work ethic but I also admire their volunteerism that they are continually a part of.

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