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Tombo Studio

3010 230th St.
Charles City, IA 50616
This month we are spotlighting Tombo Studio as our Business of the Month! This local Business opened its doors in 1997 in Texas, now located in Charles City, Iowa. We were able to talk to the owner, Emily Kiewel, to find out a little bit more about her business and share it with our visitors.
  1.  When did your business open? I opened for business in Charles City in 2008.
  2.  What led you to starting your business?
  3. Is there a good story behind how it happened? I discovered pottery while in college and knew I had found what I wanted to do with my life. While living in Kyoto, Japan I trained with a very skilled potter. When I returned to the U.S. I opened my business.
  4. What does your business offer? Handmade functional pottery with clean modern lines. Made from non-toxic materials, all items are completely food and dishwasher safe.
  5. Why do you enjoy serving Charles City, IA? Charles City provides a safe place to raise my children, a community of people that are a joy to connect with and a quiet place where I can create, inspired by my surroundings.
Open M-F 9-5, but please call first to make sure I’m available, 641-426-0174

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