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September 5, 2023

Measures Your Business Should Take After an Employee Accident

Employee injuries on the job require you to react quickly. Your response time helps protect your business operations and your workers. Knowing what to do to file a claim on your workers compensation insurance after an accident can expedite the process, and help your employee get the medical care he or she needs.

Document the Accident 
As a business owner, you know the importance of documenting everything that happens at your facilities. When any of your employees experience a work-related accident, it is crucial for you to document what happened, when it happened and how the accident happened. Armed with this information, you can better protect your business and your employees.

Require Injured Employees to Get Examined by a Medical Professional 
Work-related accidents require your employees to get medical attention for their injuries. Regardless of how small the injury may be, if an employee sustains an injury at work, it should be protocol for him or her to consult a medical professional. If you do not employ medical staff, excuse the injured worker from his or her job duties so that he or she can get proper medical attention. Delays in getting medical attention can exacerbate the problem and cause your employee to remain out of work for an extended period.

Even if your employee isn’t displaying physical signs associated with an injury, you should insist on an examination. Many injuries may take days, or even months before they impact how your employee performs his or her job, which can ultimately affect production and business profits.

File a Workers Compensation Insurance Claim 
Your workers compensation insurance helps you cover the costs associated with work-related injuries. After an accident, you’ll need to file an insurance claim with your agent. You will likely be required to provide detailed information about the accident in order to investigate and process the claim.

Workers compensation insurance protects you and your employees. It limits your exposure to large lawsuits from work-related accidents and it covers medical bills for your employees. Additionally, an injured employee can continue to receive money (by way of benefits), which can help reduce stress during recovery.

Your employees are your business’ best asset. Contact Shankland Insurance for more information on workers compensation insurance.

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