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April 26, 2023

Garage Roof Collapses – Will Home Insurance Cover the Loss?

It is easy to overlook the structural security of a garage roof. After all, you may not see it often. And, you may not notice problems occurring over time. In other cases, a roof can fall in due to an unpredictable situation, such as the heavy weight of ice or snow. Your home insurance may offer some help to you in limited situations. If the garage roof crashes down, what should you do? 
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Determine If the Garage Has Coverage 

Home insurance policies usually cover the home and any attached structures. This may include things like an attached garage, deck or awning. However, in some cases, a detached garage has coverage. Your home insurance policy may name that structure on it. If so, damage to it under a covered peril is available. This could help pay for the losses you have as a result. 


What Caused the Collapse? 

A garage roof collapse can occur for various reasons. A common cause is the weight of snow or ice on it during colder months.  


Over time, very heavy weight like this can put too much strain on the roof structure. It falls inward. A collapse like this does not always occur on just older and less sound structures. It can occur on a new roof as well. This typically occurs when there is a significant amount of heavy buildup due to changing weather conditions. 


It is not always safe to remove this snow on your own. You may be able to call the fire department or a local roofing contractor for help if you notice a buildup. However, because it tends to be an accidental and sudden situation, your home insurance may cover the collapse damage. This includes the cleanup, replacing damaged materials in the event, and repairs. 


If, on the other hand, the roof collapse is due to normal wear and tear or poor maintenance, the policy may not offer coverage. To determine this, your insurance agent will get an inspection of the roof. The inspector will take a closer look at what occurred and why and then make a recommendation. 

You may not know why the roof collapsed. If not, be sure to contact your home insurance agent. He or she can schedule an inspection to learn more about the events and to provide you with guidance for repair. You may find there was little you could do to prevent it. Therefore, you’ll have assurance whether your policy will cover it. 

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