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January 13, 2022

The Importance of Agriculture Safety

Agricultural workers face considerable risks of occupational injuries, illnesses and fatal accidents. That’s why it’s essential for agriculture businesses to maintain healthy and safe work environments; by doing so, they may reduce risk exposures and control costs. Take a closer look at some of the common risks associated with the agriculture industry, and consider safety practices that may help you make your operations safer. 
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Safety Risks Present in the Agriculture Industry 
Individuals involved with the agricultural industry may face risks of: 

  • Equipment-related injuries 

  • Injuries and illnesses caused by animals 

  • Work-related lung or respiratory diseases 

  • Noise-induced hearing loss 

  • Illnesses or injuries related to sun exposure 

  • Illnesses associated with exposure to pesticides or chemicals 

  • Injuries related to lifting 

While creating challenges for the injured party, problems such as these may also pose financial risks to businesses. However, if the business institutes strong safety programs, it may be able to reduce costs that often threaten following occupational hazards.  

Safety Practices for Agricultural Businesses 
Safety practices for agricultural businesses depend on their specific operations. However, common solutions that may help reduce occupational risks in this industry include: 

  • Implementing a farm safety plan 

  • Developing a hazard assessment analysis for use by workers  

  • Developing and implementing an emergency response plan for employees and emergency responders 

  • Maintaining safety guards and shields on equipment 

  • Using proper signage to mark hazards 

  • Improving lighting along roadways and in other areas 

  • Following guidelines for safe chemical storage and safety 

  • Installing rollover protection structures (ROPS) on tractors and other large equipment


Practices such as these may bring financial benefits with them. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates businesses can save $4-6 for every $1 they invest in effective safety programs. What’s more, safe environments can also increase both employee morale and productivity, which may improve a company’s profitability. All in all, the safety program you have in place for your agricultural operation may make the difference between reporting a profit or a loss. 

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